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bullet Materials
You are welcome to supply your own wadding and/or backing fabric; alternatively you can purchase these items from Quilting Matters at competitive prices
Quality wadding and backing fabric improve the look and feel of your finished quilt top. Best results are achieved with any of the compressed waddings, eg. 100% cotton 80/20 mix (wool/polyester), 100% polyester or bamboo/cotton.
Backing fabric should be good quality cotton, not polyester.
Extra wide backing fabrics in a variety of colours and patterns are available at Quilting Matters.
SILK: Now also working in silk. Prices start at £400 for silk quilts.
bullet Equipment Used
Affectionatelly known as “Lily”, our Statler/Gammill Optimum Plus professional quilter will turn your top into a beautiful quilt for your home.
Our machine can handle all sizes, from an intricately patterned king-size quilt, to a simply designed cot quilt. We offer a bespoke service, built entirely around the clients’ requirements, whatever you need, “Lily” and Quilting Matters can deliver.
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